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Get to know your Payroll Card

Card Limits
You can keep up to $30,000 on your card at any time

How much can I spend?
Per transaction and per day the maximum is $2,500

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from domestic ATMs?
Per day: $1,500
Per month: $5,000
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Mensajes SMS

Messages and keywords

It's easy to get information about your card from your phone. Send a message with these commands.

Text Message (US) 888-803-6408 |
WhatsApp: +1-707-640-6408

to get your balance
Trans to see your transaction history
Help for more information
Call to request a call from Customer Service


How to pay for your purchases in stores?

Using your Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card at all types of merchants is easy. If you have never used a card to pay for your purchases, here's what you need to know.