Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card

Better than carrying cash

The Ganaz Mastercard® Payroll Card is made for you, honoring the work you do every day to build a better future for yourself and your family.




Using your card is safer than carrying cash. lf you lose it call 1-707-640-6408 and cancel it to protect your money. You can request a replacement at your employer's HR office or during your call.

Receive payment from your employer directly, saving time and money compared to picking up and cashing checks. lt's a convenient way to make purchases and payments wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

How and where can I use my card?

Use your card wherever Mastercard® is accepted: Millions of merchants in the US and Mexico.
More than 210 countries and territories accept Mastercard.
Gas StatrionPhone & Utilities
Groceries & Stores
Gas station
Phone & Utilities
money transferspay rentmore
Money transfers
Pay rent
and more
Find a MoneyPass ATM

Keep control of your money

Stay on top of your account activity. Send us a message with these commands.
Text Message (US) 888-803-6408 | WhatsApp: +1-707-640-6408
cardholder reviews balance on his phone

Contact us

To talk to Customer Service call 888-803-6408 (US)
or +1-707-640-6408 (Mexico & other countries)

Text Message (US) 888-803-6408 | WhatsApp: +1-707-640-6408

If you want to check your balance, text BAL
If you want to review your activity, text TRANS